Bugatti Beverly Hills Presents Veyron Grand Sport Venet

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The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is the culmination of exquisite engineering and design. It’s easy to say that the Veyron Grand Sport is a work of art, imagined and conceived from beauty and passion. This makes it fitting that renowned French artist Bernar Venet collaborated with Bugatti to create a special edition Veyron Grand Sport.

The special edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet is the exact blend of the art and science that defines a legendary vehicle. Venet first refused to bring his artistry to the Veyron Grand Sport, but ultimately collaborated with Bugatti to create this special edition Veyron.


Venet used his artistic vision to imbue the Veyron with equations required to create the world’s fastest car. Upon first glance, it looks as if an orange finish is being sheared off of the car at high speeds, but upon closer inspection the blending of the colors through a display of detailed equations and formulas can be seen. The dark brown and burnt orange color scheme is drawn from Venet’s aged metal used in his most recent work.

Travelling globally, the Veyron Grand Sport Venet has become an international phenomenon, as is usually the case for the French artist’s original artworks. Since its unveiling at Art Basel Miami, this car has travelled alongside Venet’s gallery exhibitions, including its recent presentation by Bugatti Beverly Hills at the Ace Gallery. Surrounded by exquisite pieces of art, the Veyron Grand Sport Venet was in its natural habitat, being shown as the work of art it truly is.

For more information on the car, Bugatti Beverly Hills and the artist, please read the press release below.

Press Release

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is often thought of as a work of art, a kinetic sculpture on four wheels that seamlessly blends the science of engineering with the art of automotive design. This ideal achieves perhaps its most complete expression in the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet, a rolling canvas produced through a meeting of the minds between Bugatti’s designers and famed French artists Bernar Venet. The Bugatti Venet recently arrived in Los Angeles for presentation at the Ace Gallery in partnership with Bugatti Beverly Hills, with VIP clients of the dealership given a first look during an elegant evening reception.

When Venet was approached with the idea of bringing his own artistic sense to the design of a single Veyron, he initially refused seeing no way to improve upon what he viewed as a completed work. However through collaboration with the Atelier Bugatti he developed a concept that brought his own unique aesthetic style to the Veyron while further highlighting the blend of art and science that defines this legendary vehicle.

Venet’s work exists as both a function of and reaction to the science of mathematics. Since the 1960’s his minimalist works have served as manifestations of his own reflections on math and logic, evolving towards his most recent Indeterminate Lines and Arcs series. It is fitting then that when considering the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, Venet was drawn to the math and science that has enabled such an unparalleled work of engineering excellence.

Venet’s artistic vision envelops the car both inside and out, with a dynamic mass of the equations required to create the world’s fastest car wrapping the front end and seemingly being blown off at speed. Inside the same equation motif is repeated through embroidered door panels. The color palette too is drawn from Venet’s work, evoking the aged metal of his most recent public sculptures in dark brown and orange. A panel in the rear interior and special covers for the oil and gas feature Venet’s indeterminate lines and serve as the artists’ signature on this automotive canvas.

Venet’s work is international, with pieces both public and private found in Belgium, America, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand, and so too has the Bugatti Grand Sport Venet become a global phenomenon. Following its unveiling at Art Basel Miami this unique piece of automotive artwork has since travelled for occasional displays alongside Venet’s gallery exhibitions, including its recent presentation by Bugatti Beverly Hills at the Ace Gallery. With such collaborations Bugatti signals the marque’s ongoing commitment to the blending of art and science, telling us to expect the production of the world’s fastest and most beautiful vehicles for many years to come. For sales inquiries please contact Tim O’Hara at (888) 291-5533.

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(Media Source: Beverly Hills Bugatti via PRweb)