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Autumn/Winter Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Introduced

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From one of the world’s most exclusive marques comes their latest line of lifestyle pieces designed to carry the experience of their cars into every aspect of daily life.

Bugatti released their Autumn/Winter Lifestyle collection for 2015 in a press release today, sharing a bevvy of pieces sporting luxurious leathers and warm tones for men and women. Two lines are included within their collection, The EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection and the Bugatti – Performance Luxury Collection, and each has its own design ideals to aspire to. Each item from each line of the collection is limited in number – only 431 examples are created, the amount acting as a nod to the world speed record kph time set by the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport in 2010.


Made entirely in Italy and sporting signature designs and symbols from the brand, including a silver embossed “EB” for Ettore Bugatti on the linings, and the iconic dancing elephant under the collar of jackets and coats. Within the EB Collection are three themes for this new season: Flamboyant, Blue Carpet Soiree and Formal Wear.

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The Flamboyant pieces, while eccentric, are extremely refined, and play with fabrics such as kangaroo, mink and two-ply cashmere. Blue Carpet Soiree focuses on the use of silk and stretched cotton for a classic tuxedo approach, while Formal wear pulls on pinstriping, cashmere, flannel and more, almost exclusively in shades of Bugatti blue.


Be sure to take a look at some of their newest collection pieces, and head to one of their lifestyle boutiques, like their newest London location, to find the perfect Bugatti accessory for your life. In the meantime, browse through our exclusive listings below, and find the right Bugatti to bring this lifestyle to the open road.


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