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BMW Z4 Concept: Yes, It’s Amazing

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Earlier this week we told you that BMW was poised to release something new at Pebble Beach. Yesterday, they formally unveiled the Concept Z4 to the world. Serving as the inspiration for the upcoming Z4, it is a foreshadowing of the production model that will arrive next year. The long & low 2-seater was developed with Toyota, who will use the chassis as the basis for the new Supra. Compared to the previous Z4, the front end is shorter to place the seats close to the center of rotation. This means as the car is cornering, it pivots around you so you don’t feel tossed about. Two domes in the decklid house internal roll bars and also continue the styling of the front end. 

BMW Teases New Z4

Inside, the color of the body carries over on several surfaces. Controls are grouped into “function islands” to keep the driver focused on the road ahead. The press release makes no mention of engine or transmission options, but expect to find a dual turbo straight six along with a dual clutch transmission. The best news is that it is being displayed alongside the prototype 8 series. Details of the production model might be less edgy than the concept, so stay with us for updates on the new BMW Z4. If you don’t feel like waiting, we have great deals on pre-owned Z4, so check out our listings and have a great weekend.