BMW X5 xDrive40e Hybrid Sport Activity Vehicle Introduced

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There’s no question as to the increasing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, with manufacturers across the board both improving existing hybrids and releasing new models left and right.

BMW has been making waves with releasing the i8 and i3 through sub-brand BMW i, but now the core manufacturer, BMW itself, has released their first plug-in hybrid model: the x5 xDrive40e.

2015-bmw-x5xdrive40e-031515 (12)

Classified as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), the x5 xDrive40e creates a total of 313 hp with an astonishing average fuel economy of 83.1-85,6 mpg as a March 15 press release from the manufacturer describes. With that 313 hp and a torque output of 184 lb-ft, this hybrid SAV is capable of not just efficiency, but also performance.

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Because it’s a hybrid vehicle, the torque created is available instantaneously, pushing this SAV’s 0-62 mph acceleration time to 6.2 seconds. Of course, quite a bit of this can be attributed to lessons learned from the i8 and i3.

When the x5 xDrive40e was first introduced as the Concept5 X5 eDrive Aug. 22, 2013, its projected performance numbers were impressive, but lower. Fuel consumption was projected to sit around 74.3 mpg, and while not a number to scoff at, it’s still 10 mpg less than the actual figures produced.

2015-bmw-x5xdrive40e-031515 (10)

As of now, there isn’t any information about pricing or when this permanent AWD SAV will be available for purchase, but be sure to stay with us to find out as details are released.

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(Source: BMW)

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