The Most Expensive BMW Paint: Pure Metal Silver

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When BMW customers select the exterior color for their new car, they have more than 230 options to choose from. But, if they want something more exclusive than any other color they offer, they can opt for BMW Individual Pure Metal Silver, BMW‘s most expensive paint.

As described in the video above, uploaded by BMW to YouTube Nov. 27, the paint material alone for this finish is 40 times more expensive than the coat in the base line’s finishes.

The chrome effect of the Pure Metal Silver finish is created through a water based paint system and special effect pigment consisting of hundreds of thousands of ultra-thin aluminum flakes.

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To apply this finish, BMW has to put in extra work while keeping an eye on every detail. For example, if the flakes of the paint are facing different directions, the visual effect of the finish is compromised.

Customers select this finish from the BMW Individual Catalog for $10,000 USD, according to HypeBeast.

To see the entire process, be sure to watch the video above.

(Source: BMW / YouTube)

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