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Tesla Outsells Mercedes, BMW and Audi in United States

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When one thinks of luxury car brands, the first ones that come to mind are typically BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. However, Tesla is changing the way we think, in more way than one.

While Tesla is busy setting the bar for electric luxury cars, they outsold BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the luxury car market in the US. The reason behind this is due to the success of the Tesla Model S. Here is the breakdown of cars sold:

Tesla Model S: 4,750

Mercedes-Benz S Class: 3,077

Lexus LS: 2,860

BMW 7-series: 2,338

Audi A8: 1,462


Having been in a Model S, I can easily say that these numbers do not surprise me. Everything from the immense torque to the gorgeous styling make this a car that should be on everybody’s “want” list.

Of course, there is also a hidden “plus” in these numbers: a US-made luxury vehicle outsold all other foreign luxury vehicles. Not only did Tesla create a heap of jobs, they are also bringing the US into the luxury car manufacturing argument.