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See How the BMW i8 is Built from Start to Finish (Video)

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The BMW i8 is already making its way to customers, piquing everyone’s interest in the car. Whether it is the car’s unique design, innovative technology or the fact that it’s a brand-new BMW, everyone has a reason for the i8 being on their watch list.

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But, now that we have seen the finished product of the i8, why not take a look at what it takes to create the car itself?

Below are a series of five videos uploaded by YouTube channel bimmerblog that showcase the car’s production at BMW’s Leipzig plant.

This first video shows the Life Module being assembled, which is where the passengers are housed.

After the Life Module has been assembled, it’s time to start adding to the exterior and interior. This includes the seats, headlights and much more.

Now that the car is actually starting to resemble the finished product, finishing touches like the hood, tail lights and the necessary wheels are added. And, of course, the BMW emblem.

To ensure that the finished i8 operates correctly, BMW puts the car on a dyno and puts it through some paces, but does not go full force.

Now, the moment we have been waiting for.

(Source: bimmerblog / YouTube)


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