Secret Classic BMW Collection Uncovered

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Everyone knows at least one person who is obsessed over the E30 M3. Their iconic lines and nimble platform seem to transform normal citizens into BMW addicts, and here is a prime example. In a video uploaded to their YouTube page Friday May 8th, BMW introduced us to an anonymous classic BMW collector whose rags to riches story will leave you smiling.

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In a retrospective interview, he says it was the E30 M3 that sparked his interest in the brand. For a man that was homeless at 17, he has done quite well for himself. The collection ranges from 1960 to 1988 model years and includes #1 of only two hand-built 700 RS models that won races with Hans Stuck at the wheel.


With 45 cars completed and many more in the process, his secondary passion is finding the rare NOS parts needed to keep these beauties road-worthy. Known simply as “The Collector”, other videos focusing on his cars can be found on YouTube. While we love his collection, his request for privacy is understandable.

Thank you Mr. Collector for driving these classics and not allowing them to collect dust in a museum.

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(Source: YouTube)