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Rinspeed Creates Self-Driving Σtos Concept Based on BMW i8 at Geneva

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Much speculation centers around the illusive self-driven car that we’ve all been waiting to see for the past few years, but Rinspeed is looking to put that speculation to rest. Though others have tried, Rinspeed is out to set the standard for the best, most humanly compatible self-driving car and will present the Σtos Concept Based on BMW i8. The design and specifications of the Σtos are truly something special.

The car will feature a retractable steering wheel the retreats into the dashboard, which provides the human “driver” with more space to work, read or partake in another activity. Two 21.5 inch wide screen HD monitors adorn the dashboard and are adjustable to fit the driver and passenger’s needs. Equipped with Harman Connected Car technology, the Σtos employs a “personal assistant of sorts” much like iPhone’s Siri. The technology is able to provide entertainment, information and anticipate the needs of the passengers.


Σtos focuses not only on having the best of technology, but also employing the most effective safety measures. According to Rinspeed,

A total of eight HD exterior cameras visually monitor the vehicle surroundings completely. This makes impressive 180-degree panoramic views in front of the vehicle and behind possible and provides virtual “exterior mirrors” with an expanded field of vision that has no blind spots. People and objects in the entire vehicle surroundings are detected and tracked automatically. If they represent an accident hazard, the driver receives an appropriate warning.

The Swiss car maker ensures that speed and agility will also be a factor for Σtos with wide 20-inch Borbet GTX aluminum rims and an aerodynamic body.

The Σtos is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but for now, check it out in the gallery below.

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