Music Made from Three BMWs

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The sounds coming from cars have long been recognized as more than just noise. To many, hearing the sound of finely tuned and finely calibrated engine note is, indeed, a symphonic experience that can cut straight to an emotional response.

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So what happens when you take the musical sounds of a car, and combine them to create an actual song?

Brisbane-based composer Timothy Fairless created a short piece using nothing but those sounds, specifically, using the sounds of three separate BMWs: a 428i Coupe, 520d Sedan and an X5 xDrive 30D. From doors closing, to navigation systems speaking, the musical abilities of a car’s noises are spellbinding when they’re placed in just the right order.

Marketing agency Zakazukha of Queensland, Australia uploaded a video of Fairless creating the song, titled “Continue to Drive,” to YouTube Sept. 27, 2014, and the only thing wrong is that it’s a short minute and 20 seconds long. Be sure to turn your volume up, and check out this unique and impressive recording in the video above.

(Source: YouTube)

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