Fully-Loaded BMW M4 in Action

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Though BMWs are always powerful creatures, nobody will argue against adding an extra kick to the performance figures. Lucky for us, that’s where BMW M GmbH comes in.

“Born on the racetrack, at home on every road – that’s the credo of M Automobiles,” describes their website. “Driven by motorsport, the exclusively equipped cars meet even the highest demands for agility, dynamics, and power with ease.”

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Uploaded to YouTube Jan. 30 by BMW is a showcase of the fully loaded BMW M4 tearing up a makeshift race course, proving it really is completely at home on any road while maintaining the cool appeal of a well-crafted exterior. Of course, at the end, there’s a friendly little reminder – if the M4 isn’t quite for you, you can always retrofit M performance parts onto your own BMW.

Check out the video above and let us know which M part you’re thinking of picking up in the comments below.

(Reminder: Do not attempt to race through urban settings without a closed course and professional supervision)

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(Source: YouTube)

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