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BMW i8 vs. M4: Which is Better on the Track?

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Hybrid technology may be the future of automobiles, but does it stack up against the internal combustion engines we have known and loved?

When BMW introduced the i8, everyone was excited for the German company’s new sports car. It has drastic design cues, new hybrid technology and a promising future.

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However, does the i8 hold a candle to the M4 and its twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine?

As far as numbers go, it breaks down like this:


  • 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower inline six-cylinder engine
  • 425 hp
  • 406 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60 mph: 3.9 seconds (Auto)
  • Top Speed: 156 mph



  • 1.5-liter TwinPower inline three-cylinder engine and electric motor
  • 357 hp
  • 420 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60 mph: 4.2 seconds
  • Top Speed: 155 mph

To settle this debate, Autocar took the two cars out on the track and pushed them to their respective limits. Above is a video of their outing, which they uploaded to YouTube Jan. 5 for us all to enjoy.

(Source: YouTube)

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