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Justice Quickly Served to Impatient BMW Driver

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The ability to be patient is a blessing, especially when you’re on the road. Let’s face it, rushing to get to your destination can put yourself and others in the way of danger. Well, it looks like the driver of this BMW learned the hard way that rushing through a yellow light can lead to disaster.

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Uploaded to YouTube and recorded by way of dashcam is a video of a BMW driver who got a little too overzealous when taking a left-hand turn. The first sign of trouble was when the BMW tried to cut off the recording driver by way of driving through the hatched road markings. Well, those road markings were there on purpose, because only the one lane could turn left considering that only one lane was present in the upcoming road. Because of this, the BMW was forced to hit a school bus and drive up and onto a median.

I have to at least give it to the BMW driver because he didn’t start blaming everyone else when he got out of the car. Hopefully, he now knows that this left-hand turn results in just one lane.

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