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Dubai Police Fleet Adds BMW i8

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From an Aston Martin One-77, to a Bugatti Veyron, McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador, the Dubai police fleet is fully equipped with stunning cars, and now they’ve added one more: a BMW i8.

In recent years, Dubai and the rest of the Middle East have seen massive increases in demand for luxury items. As Bloomberg reported Feb. 25, sales of ultra-luxury cars in the Middle East and Africa have grown by approximately 125 percent since 2009, pushing manufacturers to pay more and more attention to market demands overall.


On Dec. 18, Business Review Middle East reported that luxury consumption in the Middle East grew by 11 percent in 2014, as a report from Boston-based consulting firm Bain & Company noted. In particular, the luxury car market grew by 10 percent over the previous year’s numbers.

This growth is credited to “emerging markets, where luxury vehicles are still seen as a symbol of status and a social enabler.” In particular, there’s an emphasis on the personalization of luxury cars, which can double the sticker price in some cases.

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But, of course, as the populace gains more and more exotic cars, the police force needs to up the ante in order to catch people with lead feet. And what better way to do so than to drive a more powerful car than the criminal?

With the addition of the BMW i8 to their fleet of police vehicles, the Dubai force has added a hybrid vehicle capable of hitting 60 mph from a standstill in 4.5 seconds thanks to the 357 hp and 420 lb-ft created by its three motors, two electric, one gasoline-fueled. This means that any speedsters will have a hard time getting away, and at the very least, the i8 just needs to keep up until the supercar they’re chasing runs out of gas.

Be sure to check out the video of their new i8, added to YouTube by Arab GT March 11, and find yourself a speedy new hybrid from BMW by browsing our listings below.


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(Source: YouTube via Autoweek, Bloomberg, Business Review Middle East)

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