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BMW i8 vs. BMW M1

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The BMW i8 is a hybrid mid-engined beast with a 2 year waiting list. Its base price of $135,700 seems low for something so technologically advanced, and its unique visual appeal is only shadowed by its 4.4 0 to 60 mph run time.

The BMW M1 is the last mid-engined car to come from the German manufacturer, which had trouble with sales when it was released in 1978. Today, it’s a highly coveted collector’s car, listing at prices of $499,900 and higher when the rare example comes up for sale.

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So what happens when you get a chance to take both of them out on the track? Things have changed dramatically in the automotive world between 1978 and 2014, but do those changes show when it comes to how the i8 handles on the road?

Lucky for us, Auto Express had a chance to take one of each out on the track, and uploaded a video of the experience to YouTube Nov. 27. Check it out above, and find out where the true differences lay between the two.

(Source: YouTube)

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