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Golfer Wins BMW i8 With Hole-in-One

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On Sunday morning, during the final round of the BMW International Open in Cologne, Germany, James Heath aced the 16th hole – and was handed the keys to a brand new BMW i8 as a prize.

A June 29 BMW press release captures Heath’s incredulity over his victory: “I am blown away. I’m virtually speechless,” said the 31-year-old Englishman. “The BMW i8 is a stunning car and worth 137,000 Euros. It more than triples the highest check I’ve ever made. I aimed about four yards left of the flag because of the water on the right. It pitched just past the flag and spun back in. This is my fifteenth hole in one – the second in professional tournament play – but the others pale into insignificance by comparison.”

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One of the most striking cars BMW has ever created, the i8 boasts a bold step into the future, with the emission and consumption numbers of a compact car, despite being a sports car. Light as heck and quick on its feet, it’ll remain a longtime showstopper. Heath should consider himself very lucky indeed.


(Source: BMW)


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