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First BMW Art Journey Winner Announced

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BMW has long supported the artistic community outside of automotive design, and their 1975 BMW Art Cars for Le Mans introduction wasn’t the first example of this love for aesthetic beauty and the ability to make a unique impression.

Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Alexander Calder and more all contributed their touch to a different vehicle, but the art of the past loses its power if it also becomes the art of the present. In order to make room for more art in today’s world, BMW and Art Basel, the world-renowned event that occurs once each in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami every year, are paving the way for creative processes to function.

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The BMW Art Journey is a new program launched as a collaborative effort between Art Basel and BMW that selects one of three shortlisted artists that were featured at either Art Basel Hong Kong or Art Basel Miami, and grants them the opportunity to explore the world in order to create works of visual and musical art in response to what they’ve seen.

Today, in a press release, the marque introduced the program’s first artist and his adventurous endeavor to track an auditory history through the scope of significant bells. Samson Young will be visiting locations on five continents, including Myanmar, Sicily, Kenya, Morocco, the United States, the United Kingdom and more, to see bells that give form to the idea of conflict. As the release describes, historically, bells were often melted down during wartime to create cannons, and when the war was over, the cannons were melted down to create bells.

Signal Path II: Sinister Resonance by Samson Young
Signal Path II: Sinister Resonance by Samson Young

Young’s end project will be a multi-layered, multi-media creation to include “an archive of bell recordings, a series of ‘bell sound sketches,’ a set of new bronze bells, and an original musical composition for bell-ringers and orchestra.”

June 16 will be the unveiling of his final creation at Art Basel in Basel. The next artist to participate in this program will be selected from December’s Art Basel Miami event. Artists interested in learning how they can become a contender for this opportunity should visit to learn more.

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