All-Electric BMW i4 Details Released: Range, Horsepower and More

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A new electric sedan is coming from Germany in the form of the BMW i4. This new model will be BMW’s first all-electric model for their mid-range lineup, sitting above the i3. Details regarding this new model have been sparse, but BMW has just unleashed a long list of information for us all to dig into.

First, BMW says that the i4 has a lot of new components in its powertrain, including the electric motor, power electronics, charging unit and battery. Speaking of the electric motor, it has a max output of around 530 horsepower.

We also can’t talk about an electric vehicle without mentioning range, which this car has around 373 miles of. You ALSO can’t talk about an electric vehicle without throwing in a 0 to 60 mph time. The i4 will do that sprint in around 4 seconds.

Electric vehicles come with what many consider a “caveat”: charging. Thankfully, technology has allowed EV’s to charge quickly, and the i4 will not be an exception. BMW says their new i4 will get an 80 percent charge in just about 35 minutes.

More information regarding the new BMW i4 will be released in the future, so be sure to stay with us.