Bulletproof F15 BMW X5 Security Plus

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The 2014 Moscow Auto Show is set to see the unveiling of the new F15 BMW X5 Security Plus, according to an Aug. 16 article on

This luxury armored SUV has been put through intensive training, as seen in the image above. Different calibers of rounds were fired at it to show how safe it really is. In fact, the X5 Security Plus meets the requirements for protection level VR6, with the highest possible being VR7. This means that the SUV can resist up to 7.62 x 51 mm rounds from a distance of 10 meters.

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There are quite a few modifications made to this X5 that make it so safe. The windows were replaced with bulletproof ones that can stop rounds from entering the cabin. These windows can even handle attacks from blunt weapons. The body itself is constructed out of high-strength steel and can protect the BMW SUV’s passengers from an assault by AK47 guns. Even the seams have been protected from bullet fragments making their way into the cabin.

Modifications have also been made to the X5’s chassis, brakes and engine. The changes all have to deal with how the SUV handles the added weight from the security features.

Be sure to stay with us for more information about the new BMW X5 Security Plus as it is released.


(Source: Bimmer Today via BMW Blog)


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