BMW’s new M Power App for Car

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Technology never ceases to amaze us—especially when it comes to luxury cars. BMW introduces their new application called the M Power App. This tool pairs an iPhone with a BMW Connected car and records data from the various automotive sensors in the car, and then uses that information to record track sessions. It provides lap times and scorecard view, real-time review of the lap, throttle and steering input, braking force and fuel efficiency.

The app can generate custom tracks in a hurry, so you aren’t limited to only using the app for its preprogrammed tracks. This feature will be useful for autocross, custom tracks or regular trips to your grocery store.


The application includes the head-to-head ghost comparison mode and the custom track generator feature. The head-to-head ghost comparison mode allows you to compare two separate laps and view both runs on the map in real time, which can be useful in seeing gained or lost time. While you feel the acceleration and dynamics of your BMW, this application presents you with all the facts you need. Just make sure the vehicle is stationary before you record the measurements. Also, make sure the measurements are recorded on a straight road with no inclines.

Requirements / Availability: 
BMW Apps Option
USB Cable or Snap-In Adapter
Available in iOS App Store this Summer
* Can be used for any BMW model (not only M cars) with BMW Apps option

Take a look at the new M Power Application below:

Source: BimmerPost