BMW Z4 in Estoril Blue

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Summer is a time for refreshing a look and finding a new take on something old, and this stands true for people and automakers alike.

BMW announced a wide range of updates coming for their models during the summer of 2015 on May 12, including a new paint option for the Z4 Roadster: Estoril Blue. A stunning metallic color that nearly matches the blue of a midsummer sky over a range’s highest mountain, it’s a color that strongly compliments the car’s natural curves.

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A full gallery of images showing off the Z4’s new paint were released by the marque today, giving us a better look at this new shade. Check it out in the gallery below, then browse our exclusive listings of Z4s for sale to see this model in some other shades, in case those better match your revamped look for 2015.

Z4 Listings For Sale


(Source: BMW)

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