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BMW Vision Future Luxury

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BMW has a lot of new technology in the works, and in order to show it all off, they have created the Vision Future Luxury concept. This new concept was unveiled in a press release that was issued by BMW on April 20.

Featured in the Vision Future Luxury are a number of new technologies. Starting off is the new BMW Vision Head Up Display. This feature displays information directly in the driver’s line of sight, on the windshield and the road.

In the back, two Rear Seat Displays and a Rear Seat Touch Command Tablet allow passengers in the back to communicate with the front displays. This means that everything, from trip-related information, entertainment and more, can be viewed in the rear, as well as controlled via the Command Tablet.


Rear passengers will also be delighted when they take a seat in one of the two large, deeply contoured single seats. These passengers will also be able to use a retractable table and the Rear Seat Displays.

The Vision Future Luxury also features BMW’s new lighting technology. This includes the new Laserlight headlights, which are comprised of a concentrated, parallel light beam that is up to ten times more intense than that of a normal LED system.

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In the rear, BMW’s OLED taillights can be found. These taillights consist of wafer-thin organic semiconductor layers that are positioned between two electrodes. Along with being extremely thing, these OLEDs are flexible, allowing BMW to design unique, truly never-bef0re-seen taillights.

Obviously, the BMW Vision Future Luxury is the very definition of a concept car and odds are it will never make it to production. While this may be upsetting to some, just know that all of this fantastic technology will find its way into a BMW on the showroom floor soon enough.



(Source: BMW)


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