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BMW Unveils Their Weirdest Car Yet, And It Drives Itself

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At this year’s CES event, one of the hottest items is most definitely autonomous cars. BMW came to the event with a self-driving car of their own.

This new car is what BMW describes as “the latest chapter in a story that began with BMW iDrive.” This new car features the new HoloActive Touch technology, which uses the BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesture control and new touchscreen functionality. This all results in a “free-floating virtual display which is projected in the area above the center console.” It all sounds a bit weird, but the video below by BMWBLOG perfectly demonstrates how it all works.

Essentially, the car’s touchpad has free-floating projections that the user can “touch” in mid-air. When the system detects the driver’s fingers near the projections, it counts as a “tap” and haptic feedback is provided via ultrasound. If you listen in the video above, you can hear the ultrasound haptic feedback in action.

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Through this system, the driver will be able to pinpoint locations where they want the car to drive them. Once a destination is chosen, a few things can happen: the car will let you know if there are ride-share possibilities (people to pick up, like Uber) and, this is the neat one, it will let you chose a movie or show to watch during your trip that fits the length of the trip.

While this car is simply a concept car that will never reach the roads, it at least gives us amazing insight into the future tech that BMW is currently working on.

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