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BMW Unveils “The Revival Birdcage” at Circuit of the Americas

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If you missed the MotoGP race in Austin this weekend, it proved that Austin, Texas is now a Motorsports Mecca. All the big manufacturers had displays, but one cast shade on all the others. Bavarian engineers have been hard at work on a new engine, so it needed a naked chassis to show it off. That is why BMW unveiled “The Revival Birdcage” at Circuit of the Americas.

Details on the new flat-four cylinder are sparse so far, and the press release only mentions that it is much larger and air-cooled. BMW Motorrad looked back to the 1930s and found Ernst Henne’s record setting designs. Turning to Revival Cycles, their team decided to build a gorgeous frame out of titanium. Details like the driveshaft and pushrod tubes are clearly evident. Our clients at Nmoto are receiving a ton of attention for their Nostalgia bike, so perhaps BMW has realized they can tap into a new market.

It might seem to be a silly time to enter the Cruiser market, but BMW riders are the most brand-loyal in the two-wheel marketplace. We will be following this build closely as the details on the new motor will be impressive. Stay with us for all your BMW news!


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