BMW SUV Climbs Stairs, Proves Its Worth

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There are many people out in the world that would think BMW just makes sports cars or luxury sedans. But the German automaker planned to prove everyone wrong with their X Series SUVs. Unfortunately, many people are still on edge on whether or not these SUVs are capable off of the road. Having driven many iterations of the X Series SUVs, I can easily say that they are quite capable all around.

For those who are still on edge about the BMW SUVs, I’m here to present you with a video of one proving its worth. Somewhere not in America, presumably Europe or Russia, a BMW X Series decided to go off of the beaten path and make its own path… up multiple flights of stairs. First, I’ll say do not try this on your own and always stick to the legal roads. Secondly, this video, at the very least, shows that the German SUV can handle pretty difficult terrains.

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