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BMW Reports Highest Sales Ever in Eight Month Period

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2014 BMW X5
2014 BMW X5

So far this year, we’ve seen increased sales for many of the premium luxury manufacturers, such as Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porsche, but none have seen growth quite like the BMW Group. The company reported a record high sales figure of 1,246,528 overall units in a Sept. 10 press release, signifying a 7.7% increase for the same eight-month period in 2012.

“The BMW Group achieved an all-time high in sales for the month of August. For the very first time, we sold over one million BMW brand vehicles in the first eight months of the year,” described Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, in the same release. “The company is well on course to attain growth in sales for the full year. Today we presented new models such as the BMW 4 Series Coupé and the third generation BMW X5, which will provide for additional momentum towards the end of the year.”


Sales contributions fall mostly within Europe, Asia and the Americas. Europe filled in as the usual leader with 548,148 units, a slight increase since last year. Though this number is not a surprise for Europe sales, it contributed largely in the massive success of the BMW Group this year. The real increases were between Asian countries and the Americas, with Asia holding an impressive order of 367,441 units and 288,189 for the Americas within the January to August period.

Beyond just record highs for the year, the BMW Group also experienced record highs within the month of August alone, with increased orders of 14.8% compared to last year and a total of 139,648 units in that month alone. While the entire luxury automotive world is striving, BMW proves to still be pulling ahead.


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