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BMW Produces 10 Millionth 3 Series Sedan

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BMW is breaking out the champagne today; they have some serious celebrating to do.

In a case of fortunate timing and wonderful circumstance, BMW is currently celebrating both the 40th anniversary of the 3 Series Sedan and the production of the 10 millionth 3 Series Sedan. A press release issued by the German luxury car manufacturer today announced the completion of model number 10 million, a 320d in Imperial Blue.

The BMW Group Plant Munich had the honor of crafting this special example, and the location could not have been more appropriate. The Munich facility produced the first of the 3 Series cars in 1975, and has been the only BMW production facility to create all six of the 3 Series’ generations. As the release tells us, they currently create 1,000 cars a day in Munich, with approximately half being 3 Series models.

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The new 3 Series was just released in July of this year, and its official launchfilm was released on YouTube May 24. Check out the video of this new generation above, and find your own 3 Series from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: BMW, YouTube)

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