8-Series BMW

BMW M8: Go For Launch!

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Usually Fridays are slim on automotive news, but BMW just confirmed the details of the 2020 M8. This new supercar replaces the 6-Series coupe as their flagship. We reported yesterday about the launch of the 8 Series convertible, and it appears that time is of the essence in Bavaria. 

The press release earlier this morning sheds light on a ton of M-specific upgrades over the base 8 series coupe. M Division starts with a stronger chassis to handle 600 horsepower and the lates xDrive  AWD system. It will be standard equipment on the M8 Coupe, Convertible, and GranCoupe, and it can send 100% of power front or rear, or operate in 2WD for a perfect drift. 

Engineers had targets for low unsprung weight, a low center of gravity, and a wider track than other European competitors. The twin-turbo V8 is “high revving” so it will be nice to hear a decent soundtrack from inboard-mounted turbines. Performance figures were not mentioned, but it looks to have the AMG GT-R in its crosshairs. Tell us what you think of the M8 in the comments below and stay with us for all your BMW updates.