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BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights at CES 2015

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is unveiling countless new innovations to the world this week, ranging from 3D printed food to new concept vehicles. BMW is there as well, introducing their impressive M4 Concept Iconic Lights.

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First introduced on the i8 model, BMW’s Laserlight headlights provide visibility at night that rivals the clarity of day. A press release issued today described the latest developments of Laserlight headlight technology from the marque, and its capabilities are groundbreaking.


Beam range is now able to reach distances up to 600 meters, or more than a quarter mile, and works in conjunction with the navigation system to predetermine when it will be necessary to illuminate around corners.

“At CES, BMW is unveiling ways in which Laserlight, extensively integrated with assistance systems and vehicle sensors, can be used to implement new intelligent lighting functions for safety and comfort,” described the release. In addition to illuminating corners in advance, the “laser-based Dynamic Light Spot can provide early warning of people or animals at night from a distance of up to 100 meters.”


An April 8, 2013 report from SAE International determined that most headlight beams reach a distance of 250 feet – 1,718.5 feet less than the Laserlights – after they studied the average illumination distance of 48 different cars. If this shows any indication of what traditional beams are capable of when compared to BMW’s new innovations, it won’t be long before organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are found in new cars from most marques.


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(Source: BMW, SAE International)

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