BMW M235i Drifting Against Motorcycle

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Drifting full throttle around a corner is something we would all love to do, but only those with the proper skills can actually perform this action. Now, imagine drifting around a corner on a motorcycle right next to a BMW 235i.

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On the Monday following Germany’s win over Argentina in the World Cup final, BMW motorcycle dealer and four-times dirt-track world champion Karl Maier took his bike out onto the Landshut/Ellermühle speedway stadium. Joining Maier was a BMW M235i with M Performance Parts being driven by a representative  from a leading German car magazine. The two vehicles were then pitted against each other in an epic drifting battle.

See the video of it all happening, uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 10 by BMW, above.

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(Source: BMW Group / YouTube)
(Image Source: BMW / Facebook)

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