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BMW M2 by FUTURA 2000 Unveiled at Frieze Los Angeles

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Contemporary artist FUTURA 2000 has taken their work to the BMW M2 Competition and turned it into a stunning piece of art. This is the first of three M2 Competitions that FUTURA 2000 is slated to create, which is having its world premiere at Frieze Los Angeles February 13-16. Across the German sports car, FUTURA 2000’s signature art style can be found in white paint on the deep black finish. Even its interior trim has been touched by his artistic talent.

“The BMW M2 Competition is dynamic, extroverted and, to a certain degree, pleasantly provocative. I consider it a great honour to be able to add a special touch to this vehicle,” says FUTURA 2000.

BMW has also announced that FUTURA 2000 is also in the process of designing a limited-edition M2 Competition that will be available for public purchase in June 2020.