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BMW Launches Smart Charging App

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Always at the front of the technologically innovative pack, BMW has announced the release of their Smart Charging App for the Android and iPhone markets, according to a June 9 article on This app is to be released in 2015, and was designed for customers of the BMW i3 and newly released i8. At this point in time, the app has only been released to Electronaut members – members who initially leased BMW’s electric vehicle, the ActivE.

The Smart Charging App will tell i-series drivers when the optimal time of day to charge their cars will be, and the duration of charge time the vehicle will require. It will also have the ability to provide charging strategies based on information gathered by the app about the driver’s daily and weekly use of their vehicle – ultimately saving i3 and i8 owners a significant amount in electric bills.



This new charging app will not only link the owner’s car with their phone through BMW’s ConnectedDrive system, but will also link with BMW’s My Remote App for even wider capabilities. According to BMW’s website, the My Remote App includes the ability to set the vehicle’s interior temperature remotely and even lock your car from any distance.

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Soon more manufacturers will follow in BMW’s footsteps and apps such as these will likely become common among electric vehicles, but until then, it may be worth investing in the BMW i-series.

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