BMW Laser Light and OLED Technology

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Every BMW comes with a distinct look, thanks to a number of visual cues that remain consistent through each model. A few new visual cues were introduced in a press release issued by BMW today that will add to every BMW vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality. These are the new laser lights and OLED technology.

The laser light technology from BMW will first arrive in the i8 this autumn. These new laser lights have a high beam range of up to 600 meters, which is double that of conventional headlights. Laser lights also take up very little space and require 30 percent less energy consumption.


This is all done by taking the coherent and monochromatic blue laser beams and turning them into harmless white light. These laser lights are also equipped with automatic headlight range control, keeping the beam at a pre-set level. This means that, even if the vehicle is traveling uphill or downhill, the lights will provide the driver with perfect illumination of the road ahead.

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BMW’s new Organic Light technology (OLED) adds style and functionality to the BMW vehicle. OLEDs are 10 times thinner than a human hair and work very efficiently, saving both space and energy. Instead of producing light through semiconductor crystals, as in conventional LEDs, OLEDs have their light generated in extremely thin semi-conductive layers made from organic materials.


Furthermore, this new technology allows BMW to be even more creative with their light designs. At first, the OLEDs will be two-dimensional in appearance and have the ability to be shaped as desired. However, in the future, flexible three-dimensional OLEDs will be brought out, adding even more design capabilities.

While the head and tail lights of a car may seem minimal when considering the grand design of a car, they are the vehicle’s eyes. Exterior lights are a core component when it comes to defining the styling of a vehiclem and it is exciting to see a car company putting so much effort into them.

(Source: BMW)

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