BMW Individual 760Li Sterling

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BMW’s new Individual Manufaktur and Collections programs has teamed up with Robbe & Berking to make their personalized vehicles more luxurious than ever imagined. Robbe & Berking is a world-renowned traditional silver manufacturer that crafts some of the finest products available.

“BMW and Robbe & Berking share far more than a passion for elegant, classic yachts – we apply the same standards to our products: in addition to pure technical utility, pleasing the customer is a foreground consideration,” explains Oliver Berking, owner and CEO of Robbe & Berking in an Oct. 22 press release.


He continued to say, “At the same time our products embody the ethos of the manufactory – a striving towards perfect craftsmanship and timeless elegance coupled with keen attention to the smallest detail. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by Robbe & Berking is a wonderful illustration of this.”

The timeless elegance found in the attention to detail and quality of the 760Li Sterling goes beyond expectations for a BMW sedan. Robbe & Berking adds a touch of royalty to the essence of the car. While admiring the Sterling, one can see the tradition and elegant handcraftsmanship within.

The program includes exclusive paint finishes and other touches all around that directly display the spirit of the person behind the wheel. By enhancing this image with a touch of crafted silver, the driver is ensured a luxurious feel expected only in vehicles of a higher class. We look forward to having the chance to see how this new option will look in person.