BMW i8 Sells Out

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The BMW i8 will be delivered to the public in mid 2014, however, none of them will have the chance to roll across a glossy showroom floor. According to a Nov. 25 article from Autoguide, this year was the first time that the plug-in hybrid has been available for preorder, and before the year’s end, not a single one is left.

The electrified sports car boasts a 1.5-liter, turbocharged, three-cylinder engine that produces 231 hp alongside a 131 hp electric motor. Together the power sources produce a total of 362 hp controlled by two transmissions, a six-speed automatic for the combustion engine and a two-stage transmission for the electric motor. Nearly the entire body is manufactured from carbon fiber, making the hybrid light enough to perform like its M-series brothers.

Customers who were quick to pull the trigger on ordering theirs had a starting price of $135,925. With every i8 spoken for so early, the demand will surely rise when the 2016 line-up is introduced late next year. After years of development BMW has finally completed their efficient masterpiece, and are kicking it off with a great start.

(Source: Autoguide)