BMW i8 Revealed in Pictures and Video

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BMW i8

Ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show Sept. 10, the BMW i8 has teased us in a video and leaked by way of  images. The pictures and video give us the best look yet at what to expect from BMW’s new hybrid sports car.

In the images, we see the i8’s interior, side-profile, chassis and mechanical components. The exterior is similar to what we have seen before. The grey, black and blue exterior color scheme has stuck around since the beginning. Butterfly doors are still bolted on, giving the i8 an exclusive and exotic feel.

BMW i8 Interior

A look at the cabin shot reveals an interior similar to current BMW models. Only the digital gauge cluster and protruding media screen stand out from what we can see on showroom floors today. That being said, it is still a fantastic looking interior.

An interesting cutaway reveals the skeleton and drivetrain of the i8. Running along the center are stacks of batteries used to power the electric motor found in the front end. In the rear is the the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that works in unison with the electric motor.

BMW i8 Chassis and Drivetrain

BMW also released a video teasing the i8, but instead of the grey, black and blue color scheme we are accustom to, we see the concept in a black finish. View the pictures and video below.


(Source: BMW)