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BMW i8 Pricing and Options Revealed for U.S.

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The long wait for the BMW i8 is just about over and we now get a chance to see the myriad of options available for the car and their pricing, thanks to a July 1 article on

While the base price for the car in the U.S. is set at $135,700, 90 percent of first buyers of the BMW i8 paid a bit more for the exclusive “Pure Impulse World” package, a limited launch package for the MY14 and MY15 only.

This package added $10,800 to the car’s sticker price, but includes: 20-inch alloy wheels, Carum Spice Grey full perforated leather, i8 stitching on the headrests, BMW i Blue seat belts, engine/trunk cover in black leather, floor mats with leather border and BMW i Blue contrast stitching, zirconium oxide ceramic surface on gear selector switch, laser engraved i8 door sill finishers, black high-gloss brake calipers with blue detail and a BMW i Pure Impulse Card for the BMW i Pure Impulse Experience Program.


The remaining 10 percent of initial BMW i8s were available with the $3,000 “Tera World” package. This package includes 20-inch alloy wheels, full LED headlights and exclusive interior materials.

Those who do not want to opt for the previously mentioned options can fit their BMW i8 with the “Giga World” package, which is similar to the Tera World package, but uses different interior materials and does not include the BMW i Blue seat belt.

Be sure to click the images below to see all of the pricing options available for the new BMW i8.


2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-22-579x750 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-12-579x750 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-4 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-01-579x750



(Source: BMW Blog)


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