BMW i3 Officially Unveiled

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Price:  $41,350

Power:  170 hp & 184 lb-ft

0-60:  7 seconds

Top Speed:  93 mph

The BMW i3 is the first model in the all-new BMW “i” sub-brand, and is set to take on the ever-growing electric vehicle market. The car itself was designed to use an all-electric drive system, and was done so from the get-go. This is a huge plus for the car when compared to “conversion” vehicles where the combustion engine was just swapped for an electric motor. When designing the i3, engineers were able to do whatever worked best with the car and it’s all-electric system.

The LifeDrive architecture used in the BMW i3 consists of two modules; the Life Module and the Drive Module. The Life Module is essentially the passenger cell and is the first-ever mass produced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) passenger cell that is as strong as steel, but 50% lighter.


Made out of 100% aluminum is the Drive Module which consists of the 22-kWh, 450 lb lithium-ion battery, electric drivetrain, MacPherson strut and 5-link rear suspension system and structural and crash components.

What’s more, the production of the i3 has an incredibly low footprint. The interior is comprised of recycled materials and high-quality renewable resources. Even the i3’s key is impressively manufactured, being made of a new bio-polymer based on castor oil pressed from castor seeds. As you can plainly see, BMW is really pushing an eco-friendly vibe with this model.


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