BMW & Cute Animals: An Internet Match Made in Heaven

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Out of the hundreds of thousands of topics and photos and articles and videos posted to the internet every day, there is one particular subject that is always the most likely to go viral.

That’s right. We’re talking about cute animals, and not even the auto industry is immune to the powers of being both adorable and fluffy.

On Feb. 24, we saw a lion cub by the name of Nala crawling around on a Porsche Carrera GT before being hand fed from a pink bottle. Feb. 3 saw the introduction of a Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake concept designed particularly with dogs in mind.

And thanks to BMW‘s Facebook page, on March 3 we saw the result of a feline- and canine-friendly photoshoot, “Passengers.”

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“Animals are popular on the web. BMW vehicles are popular on the web. So photographer Calypso Mahieu decided to bring them together,” described the gallery’s caption.

These passengers might not make for the best conversation on your next road trip, but they will be more than happy to keep you company. It just goes to show that lovers of the automotive world come in all types, including four-legged and fluffy.

Take a look at these passengers in the gallery below, and check out our BMW listings to find a ride for you and your faithful companion.


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(Source: Facebook)

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