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The BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle

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At least year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW unveiled the Concept Ninety bike in order to celebrate 90 years of their motorcycle brand BMW Motorrad. At this year’s Concorso event, the BMW Concept Roadster bike was unveiled, according a press release issued by BMW May 23.

The BMW Concept Roadster is a bike  meant to show the future of the company’s boxer-powered bikes. Powering the Concept Roadster is a 125 bhp two-cylinder engine, but more interesting than the engine is the fantastic body surrounding it.


One look at the bike and you can see its similarities to BMW’s new iSeries; more specifically, the similarities to the iSeries’ fuel tank. The Concept Roadster itself has a very minimalist body, featuring a tubular space frame and a good amount of aluminum.

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In the front end of the Concept Roadster is a classically styled circular headlamp that has a modern twist. Inside the headlamp, lighting the road ahead, are LED light banks. Not only does this headlamp provide optimum lighting, it adds to the bike’s modern styling.

Whether or not the BMW Concept Roadster will be produced is up in the air, but we would not put it past BMW to produce a bike similar to this in the near future.


(Source: BMW)


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