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BMW Builds New V8 for 8 Series

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If you have been waiting for something fresh, the new BMW 8 Series is heading our way. In a press release this morning we learned the assembly line is turning our 8 Series coupes around the clock. Everything about the car is new. From revolutionary styling to the interior layout. Our favorite feature is under the hood. BMW fans care more for their engines than their own cholesterol levels, so this handbuilt masterpiece received a press release just for itself.

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Deep inside the Munich headquarters is a clean room dedicated to performance engines. Master engine builders assemble the inline six, and V8 for the M division, along with the V12 for the M760i. Their skilled workforce also has a dedicated line for every Rolls-Royce engine. The torque load on every bearing and bolt is recorded and checked by hand. Pistons meet their cylinder with the same care given to a newborn child.

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The clip below is a peek behind the scenes that most will never see. That is because many engine builders don’t like being recorded for fear of being distracted. When you purchase a BMW, you will have peace of mind knowing that nothing is left to chance, and they are built to last. Find yours in the link below and stay with us for 8 Series updates.

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