BMW Awarded “Sportiest cars of 2013”

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BMW 550d

BMW is no stranger to the winner’s podium. Recently they added a few new awards to their extensive list of accolades. Each year the German magazine “Sport Auto” asks readers to vote for their favorite car in 15 categories as well as 10 separate categories for tuned cars out of 230 current models. Three current BMW models were named “The sportiest cars of 2013” however the list does not stop there. In the diesel category the BMW M550d XDrive took first place, again. With the world’s most powerful six-cylinder under the hood, it’s really no surprise this car won the award two years in a row. The 3.0 liter engine of the BMW M550d XDrive has a max output of 381 horsepower with its three-stage turbocharging and common- rail direct injection system. Two more first in class awards were won by the BMW 335i Sedan and the BMW 335i Coupe. They also took first place in the respective categories of “Sedans costing under 50,000 Euros” and “Coupes costing under 50,000 Euros”.  Awards were officially presented yesterday at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.