BMW Vehicle Subscription Service Launches in Tennessee

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Residents of Nashville, TN that love BMW vehicles will be pleased to know that the automaker has officially launched the “Access by BMW” program in the city. This new service gives members unlimited access to a fleet of BMW vehicles, all thanks to their monthly subscription. This sure makes Netflix look boring…

Members will be able to request a vehicle through a mobile app. Once the request has been made, a BMW concierge will deliver the car to a specific location at a specific time. Each car arrives with a full tank of gas and a detailed exterior and interior. What’s more, members don’t have a limit on how many times they swap out their vehicles. Need to climb the mountains? Order up an X6. Have a need for speed? Open the app and have an M4 delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy.

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“As customers continue to explore the growing mobility market, service-related offerings are becoming more in demand. With Access by BMW, our members will enjoy the freedom of personal mobility with access across a broad range of our highly emotional vehicles” said Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services USA and Region Americas. “Subscription-based services are of emerging interest for our customers, and we’re excited to be offering a mobility service to meet their individual and evolving needs.”

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Now for the fun part: cost. BMW will be offering Access by BMW in two different tiers, Legend Tier and M Tier. Legend Tier will get you access to sedans, coupes and convertibles, and the X Series models. This tier will cost $2,000. As for the M Tier, you’ll be able to take advantage of the M Series cars like the new M5, M6 convertible, X5 M and more. This tier will cost $3,700 per month.

It should be mentioned that this is just a pilot program, but if all goes well, we may be seeing Access by BMW globally.