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BMW Celebrates With the 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre

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Break out the nice china and some champagne, because BMW’s biggest is turning 40. A press release from Munich last night outlined the details of the special anniversary. The new BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre will be formally unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Limited to only 200 cars, each one will be built to order at the Dingolfing factory. Being the birthplace of every 7 Series, the skilled builders have been turning them out since 1977.

Although they will be available with six, eight, and twelve cylinder power, who would order a six cylinder anniversary model? To make your decision process even harder, they will be offered in short and long wheelbase versions. Your choice of exterior finish will be limited to two choices from BMW Individual. Frozen Silver Metallic is a brilliant silk-matte appearance that accentuates the curves in the body and the ground effects. Petrol Mica Metallic is a new take on the blue they’ve used for decades. Many coats of clear mixed with metal flake are applied in a time-intensive process.

You will also have two choices for the interior. Smoke white over black is for the traditionalists who see the world in only in greyscale. Smoke white over Cohiba speaks to the cigar aficionado. We are based in the Tampa area, so we approve of the reference to Cuba before Castro. Trim can either be piano black or Eucalyptus wood in smoke brown. Anniversary badging is found on the dash, headrests, b-pillars and even the floor mats.  

Your local BMW dealer will be able to order the new 7 Series in October. And as-always, if you are looking for a pre-owned BMW we have plenty to choose from. Stay with us for all your BMW news.