BMW Launches 300 Autonomous Drones for Art Basel Miami

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BMW teamed up with Studio Drift to introduce ““FRANCHISE FREEDOM – a flying sculpture by Studio Drift in partnership with BMW” at Art Basel Miami. This flying sculpture is actually 300 illuminated drones that were programmed to mimic a flock of birds. BMW says that this is the “first time for this orchestrated movement to be presented by machines working with decentralized algorithms at a very large scale.” Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift equipped with lights and specific algorithms that would define the coordinated flight path for each of the drones, resulting in a beautiful and massive movement.

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BMW is planning on providing additional showings of the flying sculpture December 7-10, starting at 8 pm (weather permitting). If you’re in South Florida, head over to 32nd and 33rd Street off Collins Avenue behind the Faena Hotel Miami Beach to see this beautiful work of art for yourself.