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2016 BMW M6 GT3 Fully Introduced at IAA

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We’ve had a few sightings of the 2016 BMW M6 GT3 in full camoflauge over the past year, but with the Sept. 17 start of the Frankfurt International Motor Show just two days away, BMW has fully revealed their new GT race car.

Original rendering of the M6 GT3 from Oct. 2014
Original rendering of the M6 GT3 from Oct. 2014

Customer race teams will be able to purchase this new powerhouse by the end of this year for a price of €379,000, or approximately $428,707 USD as of press time. A press release issued today by the marque shared a full gallery of this upgraded M6 wearing BMW racing livery, and it may be one of the first times we can say that it truly looks like the first renderings we saw.

Its arrival as the successor to the Z4 GT3 was first announced in October 2014, when BMW released two renderings of its design and announced that the M Twin Power Turbo 4.4-liter V8 would be powering it.

2016-bmw-m6gt3-091515 (30)

On Feb. 5, that information was expanded, and we learned that 500 hp from the V8 would be channeled through a six-speed sequential racing transmission, which will propel the 2,866 lbs M6 GT3 to impressive speeds. But today we’ve learned, too, that the driver is centrally positioned in the vehicle, all while drivability, economy and handling have been improved drastically.

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Check out the photos of this new race car below, keep an eye on circuits near you for the 2016 BMW Sports Trophy series and find your own M6 more suited to daily driving from our exclusive listings.

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