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2014 BMW M235i Review

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BMW is currently leading the pack in sales of luxury vehicles, and in 2014 they’ve rolled out a number of new vehicles, including the very exciting M235i. The newest ‘M’ is a small coupe equipped with essential ‘M’ gear, such as performance brakes, functional body features and a more sport oriented I-6 engine. For a week we raced the new German sports car around Tampa Bay, maniacally smiling with a white knuckle grip on the wheel the entire ride.

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BMW has been giving their cars a facelift over the past few years, and it seems they’ve got it right for 2014. The profile of the car clearly stands out as a BMW, while redefined headlights wrap around the corners for an aggressive profile that easily turns heads at night. The vehicle delivered to us was in a Melbourne Red Metallic and simply looked menacing.


Inside of the M235i was an interior that was a comfortable blend of luxury and sport. The controls were simple and straightforward, and the sound system was immaculate. While the car seats four, the backseat, as with many sports cars, isn’t much of a backseat. However, the 60/40 rear seats did fold down, allowing for a fantastic amount of storage space for bags, skis or beach gear.

Riding in the M235i was a delightful but exciting experience. The car cruised through the streets smoothly, but became a whole new monster in Sport Mode with an opened throttle. Lining up to our quarter mile strip of asphalt and launching quickly put us back in our bucket seats right up until letting off the gas. Wrapping around corners proved to be nearly no effort for the new BMW, which handled each turn with ease while keeping us firmly in our seats.


The BMW M235i is an incredible display of sport and luxury. The coupe offers both the daily conveniences of the 3-Series we’ve come to love and with the dynamic ability of an M-series.  The car raises the bar for its class by offering an ‘M’ that any BMW enthusiast would want to drive for a more affordable base price of just $43,100. duPont REGISTRY recommends this vehicle to those who want an exciting daily driver or even just a toy to play around with. Get to your local BMW dealer and experience the new ‘M’ for yourself.


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