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Breitling Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon Watch

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To celebrate a ten year partnership between the two, Breitling and Bentley have teamed up to create a special timepiece called the Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon Watch.

This special edition watch features an all-black exterior and a rugged titanium case. Throughout the watch, the Bentley theme is prevalent. The strap is stamped with the Bentley name, the bezel imitates Bentley’s signature grille, the “Winged B” logo can be found on the second hand, and the dial is fashioned like a dashboard, all giving this watch an incredible appearance. Aside from the automotive influences, this timepiece comes with a “30-second chronograph” system that is based off of the 1926 Breitling patent. It has a self-winding chronograph movement that is chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, an institute I didn’t know existed…

This watch is on sale at Breitling Boutiques for $12,045.