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Bentley Hotel Room Inspired by the Continental Model

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To own an item bearing the name of Bentley is to be a part of a complete lifestyle defined by superior quality, excellence of performance and beauty of design, three characteristics fully embodied by each vehicle they produce. But it is not just in their vehicles that these attributes can be found.

From a full collection of furniture for both home and office, to fragrances for men, to new clothing collections released with each season, the British luxury marque has created a world of ways to indulge in and display those enviable qualities. But now it is possible to enjoy each of these while relaxing on vacation as well, and not just from grabbing your coat for the road.

bentleysuite-stregisistanbul-040915 (13)

Announced in a press release April 8 from the manufacturer is the new Bentley Suite at the St. Regis Hotel in Istanbul, the second such suite in the world and the first in Europe. Every detail in the room, from the stunning furniture, to the supple materials and fabrics, comes from Bentley’s design suites and utilizes cues from the marque’s most iconic creations.

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“The emergence of Turkey as a modern luxury destination affords Bentley the opportunity to bring our signature style and contemporary design to a new and discerning audience of travellers who want to experience the soul and sophistication of a gateway city in an environment of exceptional materials and finishes,” stated Bentley’s Director of Product and Marketing, Cristophe Georges, in the release.

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The sofa is a particularly notable centerpiece that brings the feeling of being chauffeured indoors; crafted from Bentley leather, it features a built in champagne cooler, complete with storage for your crystal flutes. More automotive inspiration appears in the form of the marble floor inset in the design of a Continental’s steering wheel.

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