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Bentley Centenary Opus 100 Carat Edition: A $250,000 Book

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The new Bentley Centenary Opus has been revealed as the “heaviest book ever produced telling the story of an automotive brand,” according to the Bentley. Weighing in at 66 lbs, that’s a stat that’s not hard to believe. While the weight is astounding, it’s the price of one of these versions that’s even more notable.

Opus, the specialty luxury book publisher, is releasing three different versions of this book: Mulliner, the Centenary and 100 Carat (pictured above). Here’s the breakdown of each of the limited edition books:

Mulliner Edition – 100 copies: £12,500 per copy (~$16,000 USD)

Centenary Edition – 500 copies: £3,000 per copy (~$3,800 USD)

100 Carat Edition – 7 copies: £200,000 per copy (~$255,000 USD)

Yes, you read that correctly: the 100 Carat Edition will cost a quarter of a million dollars. For that price, the seven buyers will be getting 100 carats worth of diamonds adorning the book and a badge made of either white gold or platinum.

Inside each of the books is 800 pages filled with the past 100 years of Bentley’s history and a look into their future. The book begins with an introduction by Ralph Lauren, the fashion icon, and it ends with a chapter from Adrian Hallmark, Bentley’s chairman and CEO. There are also incredible photos within the pages, including some never-before-seen imagery and photography that’s exclusive to this book. There are even giant 20 in x 24 in Polaroid Portraits in the pages, marking the first time the world’s largest Polaroid camera has been used to capture photos of automobiles.

The cherry on top, if the diamonds weren’t enough, is a special “tailor-made” bespoke option for the book. This allows owners to have their own photos used in the bespoke section of their book. Owners can also have Opus photograph their Bentleys for inclusion in their books.

You can learn more about this extravagant book on Opus’ site by clicking the below.